Google My Business Verification & Tweaking

Your Google My Business listing is FREE. This GMB listing is your #1 portal to everyone with internet access. Do not neglect this amazing form of connection you are offered. Let me help you verify to Google that you are the current business owner so you can take control of what information is being displayed on your companies GMB.

I can help you with all the tips and trick to help you maximize your presents with Google and get you noticed by more people.


YouTube Channel & FREE Advertisement Video Help

We can help you create a YouTube channel and show you how to maximize your ROI.

We can teach you some of the tips and tricks to help your channel be noticed by more people.

We can even help you get connected with videographers and Drove pilots if you would like to do some more “Professional” type advertisment videos for the internet. We can coach you on some viral video techniques and trends to help you create your own content.

I want to give you the ability and knowledge to target what you know your customers want and crave from your business. I think it works out best when we can work together to make the best targeted content.


Google Street View ( 360 degree view inside your business )

We can help your customers visualize what your business is like on the inside.

We can do a spread of 360 sphese photographs inside your business.

Most of the time this is refered to as a “Virtual tour”.